Remote Services

Next Generation Consulting has the latest technology to help fix problems on your computer without the need for a on-site service call. We can fix a large variety of problems without our remote support services.

Three easy steps for Remote Support:

Step 1: Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Step 2: Connect with a technican to establish support.

Step 3:
Relax and wait while we resolve your problems.

Below is a short list of common problems we can fix quickly and easily via Remote Support:

  • Locate and remove Viruses
  • Identify and eliminate Spyware
  • Update computer security applications
  • Install almost any software
  • Help troubleshoot Printers and other devices
  • Install and configure new hard devices
  • Setup backup software/devices
  • Resolve common issues and problems
  • Tutorials for common applications and tasks
  • Common Maintenance
  • Other issues - JUST ASK!

Services cost just $.99/minute and you will NOT pay for time spent idle, such as a virus/spyware scan that might take 30 minutes.

To get started just give us a call or head over to our contact page and schedule an appointment.

*Requires high-speed internet connection to ensure a proper connection.